You Are the Artist of Your Own Heart


You are the Artist of Your Own Heart


The heart it beats for millions of lifetimes without stopping and floods the world with color the pinks and blues the reds all come together like a painting and shows what is real to each of us who actually beat with the same music but hear our own tune according to the sound of our heart. We hold it near and dear as a memory we can touch others like a hand reaching out we love but what is love can you taste it hear it feel it like texture  what does it sound like this tune that is called love sweet music we hear  what does it taste like sweet on our lips this love what does it say to each one of us if the heart had a mouth to speak what would her words be what would we hear if we but listen you can not hear the music or voice of the heart unless you sit in silence for a moment in eternity and listen quietly hold in your ears open to her voice. This love what colors would you see if it were a painting what brush strokes would love paint.. Monet or Mondrian or Rothko… Love is expressed in an individual way each of us have our own canvas colors and brush what would love paint You are the artist of our own heart and express it in the colors that you truly are

 What color are you?



Chakra Colors

Meaning and Symbolism

It’s a perfect time to talk about chakra color meanings Springtime is the seasonal theme is all about blossoming, awakening, colorful perception and transition