All is Sacred


                                             Sacred Trees Illuminated Night
                                                                 by Joy Hellman

For Hildegard all life was sacred: human, animal, plant…all of creation speaks of the wonder that is God. All life from insect to person deserved to be respected and celebrated. These sentiments can be sources of inspiration today. —for all those efforts that seek justice and harmony with the earth and all that is in it. Hildegard believed that all creation sings, shouts, and speaks of divine revelation, inspiration, and consolation. Through creation—be it a sunrise, a butterfly, a child’s laughter, a lover’s serenade—God reminds us of God’s presence to comfort us, hold us, and help us get up again when life knocks us down. Creation in its vastness and diversity reminds us that we are never alone. –



About joyofartstudio

I think of myself first and foremost a creator of joy in all that I am and do. I live that joy each day and also create it and share it in my work as an art teacher, artist, group facilitator and creative/ intuitive coach. I love life and connecting. My mission as a creative is to share the joy and the light of creativity, the magic the love and all that living that joy entails. As an artist, I am an alchemist transforming material into art. I would love to talk to you as we form a creative connection. I can be reached on
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