Joy of Art Studio 2013

How to start a teaching business with a leap of faith ( how important to have faith)

When I started the Joy of Art Studio, I was only aware that I loved art and wanted to share what I knew and work with kids’ .I had no experience in teaching or working with groups of kid’s. I started by working with organizations and was a volunteer. I feel that this was wonderful and incredibly valuable way to gain experience. As I worked with kids, I discovered the power of art. I did not have my own space and a limit of students. I decided to go into my own business having neither idea nor knowledge of how to go about it. I just took a step, came up with my name Joy of Art mainly because my name is Joy and with the loving belief and support of my husband jumped into the unknown…. . I believe that in doing something that is risky it is important to take a leap of faith even if you do not know what you are doing. I ran my business in an office building while I built it up. The rent was very inexpensive and I was blessed to have the support while I gained experience and students. It was a day to day process of learning through doing After ten years of being there I gradually moved into a studio and now have a viable and growing teaching and art business. If I were to give any advice to someone who wanted to create their dream, it would be to believe, and take a leap of faith. I am still learn by doing whether it is launching a new art program for kid’s, creative workshops for women, videos, newsletters, creating my own website, blogs , social networking, working with a new digital gadget….whatever I want to do. It is always a learning curve but very possible. Anyone can do it. All you need to do is believe in yourself, your passion and jump….


Joy of Art Studio 2013 Winter Arts

                        Joy of Art Studio 2013 Winter Arts

Joy of Art Studio will be buzzing with creative energy as we plan our new arts programs for 2013 for children and adults. Call 910-528-7283 or email for our program schedule and get into the creative fun!!!

The Night Before Christmas at the Joy of Art Studio

The Night before Christmas by Joy Hellman

Joy of Art Studio
Celebrate Christmas through Arts and Crafts
Celebrate Your Creative Self
December 15th and 22nd
Ages 8-11
$45.00 for the Day
$20.00 for one class

Lots of Christmas Arts and Crafts for a Fun Filled Day
10- 3 P.M
 Collaged Christmas Cards and Ornaments
Decorative Candle
Water-Color Wonderland
Girly-Girl Angel or My Pet Painting
Paint Christmas Story
Cup Cake Party at C Cups Cakery