All in a week of Creative Fun at the Joy of Art Studio


All in a Week at the Joy of Art Studio During art in the Park

Students learned to “see” like as  artist and draw what they saw from nature. Here we set up a still life of shells, feathers, moss, rocks, tree branch and grass . We also talked about he elements of art and in nature.
They learned how to look through the viewfinder as a method for  seeing and drawing objects.

               Here a student is looking and drawing an interesting  tree 

                            branch that she found in the park.

 They used the magnifying glass to look at what they were drawing and really studied their objects    before beginning to    draw it in  their sketchbook


                  Students studied and sketched the

                     flowers at Botanical

              They also had a Meet the Artist day and  went to Eye Candy Art Gallery . They learned how other artist did their work and the methods that they used as well as their process.    

I am also planning two art camps in July. 
Celebrate Your Sketchbook July 11-15
The American Artists July 30th-August 3rd 
THere is still time to sign up your little artist for a creative and fun art week

Student’s Art Gallery from Art in the Park

Surrealism and Collage

Students learned about Surrealism and Salvador Dali and created their own Surrealist collage from lots of images from magazines. The assignment was that they were to create a story that was based on Surrealism and each students collage was amazing and they all understood more about Surrealism and who Salvador Dali was after their lessons during the afternoon of Learning About the Artists through Creativity week.

I will be offering  Imagine That which will be based on the Surrealists artists and their art in the fall.

Call or email for the fall .

Art in the Park and Painting

Students celebrated the last day of Art in the Park with cupcakes from C Cups and we talked about their week and all that they had learned. It was a perfect ending of  creatively packed art week. I am planning two art camps in July Celebrate the Sketchbook July11-15th and The American Artist July 30th- August 3rd. I hope that your will little join in on the creative fun week.