Acrylic Technique Presentation 2 and 3


Acrylic Technique Presentation

I am demonstrating acrylic techniques from a painting We are Sisters.I will be offering acrylic techniques this summer in one of my art camps. ages 11-15. Call 910-528-7283 for summer schedule of Acrylic Techniques and other programs all ages. 

Continuing Project for Haven-Friends for Life No-Kill Animal Shelter

Study of Women Artists

Celebrate the Sketchbook and Paint Like the Masters Art Camp Launch

Students will sketch from life experience. We will walk around town, and in the park. They will also use the viewfinder as a tool in drawing, learn pencil techniques for shading and texture and learn about the artists famous for their drawings of nature. Drawing is learning how to really “see”. Students will also keep a sketchbook during the camp. Sketchbook and pencils will be included..

$80.00 or $20.00 per class

Age 8-10 Students will learn about the artists and create paintings using various techniques and styles. They will do a jungle, self portrait, a still life of flowers in a vase, a bowl of apples and a dream landscape. I will also use visual material to help enhance the learning process. Age 8-10
$80.00 or $20.00 per class

Art in the Park

The Launching of the new Summer Art Camps begins June 13th-17th with Art in the Park. Students will sketch in the morning from 10:30-12:00. Lunch and Meeting an Artist DVD until 1 with discussion and group sharing. Paint like the artist of the day from 1-2:30 with an hour of sharing and discussing process of own artwork from 2:30-3:30. Registration for art in the Park can be done separately or combined. Sign up for Art in the Park or Paint like the Masters $80.00 for the week. Combined $100.00 with a five dollar discount if registered before May 23rd or $20.00 if you register for one of the other summer art camps or Art in the Park which will be repeated in July. Students artwork will be exhibited at the Meet the Artists First Friday in the Fall and shown in the Joy of Art Gallery and art cards may be ordered by request.. Email or call Joy at 910-528-7283
Because of the popularity, Art in the Park will up fast! Register soon!

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I Love Dogs and Puppies

Students worked on the fundraiser project and learned how to draw  dogs from basic shapes in preparation for the art show on April 29th at the Joy of Art Studio. Their artwork will on display and cards will be on sell at the fundraiser for Miracle Child Network and Haven  Friends  for Life No Kill Animal Shelter.

Maddie and Her Painting