Autumn Fest at Flynne’s

Joy Hellman and Lilly Corcoran Painting Together at Flynnes’s During Autumn Fest

Home-School American History

Home- School students learned about the Revolution and how the Colonial people lived during that time. Students listened to the Declaration of Independence and discussed what  freedom meant to them. They also created art based on individual themes from Colonial life and  their work was shown at Flynne’s during Autumn Fest. They are excited about learning American history and how we became Americans. They will also interview their family and share a presentation on their own personal history. I am planning for the students to think about the changes they would like to see in the world and using quill pens and walnut ink, write them on parchment paper. Their documents will be displayed in the Joy of Art Student Gallery. Students will also visit the North Carolina Museum of Art to see paintings from the Revolution as a part of their study. during their class they saw art that was painted by artists during that time and we talked about how the artists used their ability to create a record of history and the events that occurred. They looked at Paul Revere and his art and a painting of George Washington and other works of art form the Revolution. During this  twelve week program they will also cover the Trail of Tears, Slavery and the Underground Railroad, North Carolina Transcontinental Railroad. My next American History series will be Powerful Women Who changed History.
My philosophy behind teaching American history is to ignite the student’s  interest, to learn through art, group work, digital media, reference, study and sharing their own thoughts and ideas. To look into time and experience the people and the way that they lived  but to also respect  their own personal family history. My desire is to teach living history. History is not boring but can be an exciting story about the American people. 

Meet the Artist

Lilly Corcoran prepared for the Autumn Fest and painted her flower designs. She is also sold greeting cards that she made from the paintings during the art showed  her work at the Meet the Artist.