Home-School Summer Art Study

Home-School students learned about artists through creative projects, study, group work, visual media, games and stories during a summer camp. They also took a field trip to the N. C. Museum of Art  http://www.ncartmuseum.org/ to look at works done by the artists that they studied. They each had sketchbooks and did sketches during the tour and did sketches during the  tour guided by teacher Joy Hellman. “It was a wonderful  a creative method of teaching the students art history and igniting their interest in the artists. They saw and stood by the sculpture of the Thinker by Rodin, and recognized Moore’s work. We talked about the paintings and what they saw because of what they learned about art and how to “see” a painting.”
Students also toured the modern and primitive art  from the past. Here the students sit and sketch in front of painting by John Beerman Three Trees and Two  Clouds