Joy of Art Studio Summer Celebrate Your Creative Self Camps
Begins June 7th August 2nd

Sketching from Life June 7th- 11th10:00-11:30 Ages 8-10
Paint like an Artists June 7th- 11th 12:30-2
Ages 8-10
Insects June 14th -18th 10-11-
Ages 5-7
Little Picassos June 14th -18th 1-1:45
Ages 3-4
Parent Child Create Together June 14th -18th 3-4 Ages 3-6
Create with Clay and Paper Mache
June 21st- 25th 10-11:30
Ages 7-9
Ships, Pirates and Knights June 21st 25th 1-2 Ages5-7
Art in the Park June 28th- July 2nd, 10-11:30
Ages 8-10

Cartooning June 28th-July2nd 1-2:30
Ages 10-12
Weird and Wild Animals June 28th- July 2,
Ages 7-9
Haiku and Painting July 5th-July 9th 10-11:30
Ages 10-12
Create with Clay Techniques July 5th-July 9th 1- 2:30 Ages 8-10
Manga Trading Cards July 5th-July 9th 3-4:30
Ages 10-12
Drawing Flowers and O’Keeffe July 12th 16th10-11:30 Ages 8-10
My American Doll at the Beach July 12t -16th1-2:30
Ages 7-9
The Art of Collage July 12th- 16th 3-4:30
Ages 10-12
It’s Unreal Surreal! July 19th- 23rd, 10-11:30 ages 10-12
Creative Scrapbooking July 19th- 23rd 1-2:30
Introduction to the Modern, Expressionists, Artists
July 19th- 23rd 3-4:30
Ages 9-11
Diva Girl Glitter and Glitz July 26th July 30th10-11
Ages 5-7
Global Arts and Crafts July 26th July 30th1-2:30 Ages 8-10
Fantasy Art and the Artists July 26th July 30th 3-4:30 Ages 10-12
Draw and Paint Your Favorite Snake August 2nd-6th 1-2:30
Ages 7-9
Drawing and Painting Animals August 2nd-6th
10-11:30 Ages 7-9
Registration $80.00 for camp $20.00
Per class


Spring Fling Flowers and Butterflies

Students painted flowers and butterflies in honor of Spring. We also talked about the Art in the Park and Painting like the Masters Summer camp that I am offering in June. I love Southern Pines in the Spring!

Students will learn about the artists and create paintings using various techniques and styles. They will do a jungle, self portrait, a still life of flowers in a vase, a bowl of apples and a dream landscape. Visual material will also be used as a part of the camp.
Students will sketch from life experience. We will walk around town, and in the park. They will also learn how to use the viewfinder as a tool in art, learn pencil techniques for shading and texture and learn about the artists famous for their drawings of nature. Drawing is learning how to really “see” Students will also keep a sketchbook during the camp.

All materials included
80.00 ($100.00 if you sign up for both camps.)

June 7-11 /10-2
Ages 8-10

Joy of Art Studio

139 B. East Pennsylvania Ave.

Downtown Southern