Celebrate Your Creative Self through the Joy of Art

The Joy of Art Studio is a space that is buzzing with
energy and has lots of creative opportunities for all

Fall into Winter Program

Celebrate Your Creative Self

Drawing from Life and Pencil Techniques- ages 9-11

Preschool Little Budding Artists-ages 4-5

Manga Illustration Techniques -ages 12-14

Acrylic Painting Techniques -ages 12-14

Girl’s Night Out Beginning Jewelry Making- adults

Paint Happy-adults

Treasured Memories into Art- adults

Explore Express Create- ages 5-7

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain -adults

Mixed Media Medley -mixed ages 8-12

Ancient Art -home school age 8-10

American Artists -age 7-9

Creative Painting -ages 14-16

Artist’s Way- adults