Profile of an Artist

Kelly will be missed as she was a wonderful student and we had great fun together! She began coming in to my studio with basic drawing and proceeded with Acrylics. She leaned about color values and their importance in painting. We also looked at one of Monet’s Giverny Gardens and her first assignment was accurately duplicating the colors that she saw in his painting . I told her that a lot of the masters began learning the same way and that”seeing like an artist” was a very valuable skill.
She brought in photos as an assignment, one of which was a village in France where she had visited and we developed them one at a time. As she continued learning, she worked on a profile of her process and used it as a presentation in one of her World Studies assignments. I thought that it was a perfect subject for her to share in her class and was very touched that she chose her work with me. . She told me that she was going away to college and wanted to paint a gift for her mom. She brought in a photo of Notre Dame and we worked on that. Kelly was so very proud of it and so was I as she stood proudly holding her painting on the day that she left. “I will miss you Kelly. The best of luck in your exciting journey. Keep creating, Joy.”


Featured in Mixed Media Art

Art around town: Look at what’s new at the Joy of Art Studio in Southern Pines, NC this fall: Joy Hellman will be offering an art history program for home schooled children starting with lessons in Ancient Art. In addition, a variety of new and exciting art classes for children and adults will also be offered: Manga Illustration, Preschool Budding Little Artist, Home School Global Arts, Mommy and Me Create together, Adventures in Elements of Design, Girls Night Out, just to name a few. For a full list of fall classes, Joy welcomes emails at joy or visit her blog, Joy of Art Studio or call Joy at 910-528-7283

Joy of Art wwas featured in Mixed Mixed Media Art a wonderful news letter on line created by Jodi Ohl. Sign up and get the latest art news around town… Also, Jodi is holding some exciting mixed media classes at Swanks. Come Join us… Joy

Students Working in Acrylics

Fall into Winter

Fall into Winter
The program for Home school Art History continues with Ancient Art this fall along with a variety of new exciting art classes for both children and adults: Manga Illustration, Pre School Little Budding Artist, Home School Global Arts, Mommy and Me Create Together, Adventure in Elements of Design, Beginning Oils and Acrylics, Girls Night Out and Jewelry Making, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Celebrating the Sketchbook, Preserving Your Memories and Memorabilia Mixed Media Medley, Painting Happy, and Artistic Creativity Night. Call or email for more information and join in on the creative fun!

Art in the Park

Students sketched form life in the Art in the Park camp this summer. Here the girls are in Artist Alley sketching what they see around them. We also talked about the unique ways that the artists created their art, what they liked and why. They walked and sketched what they saw around the downtown and in the park. It was a wonderful way to teach the students how to
“see” like an artist…

Joy of Art Studio Philosophy and Intention

The philosophy of the Joy of Art Studio encompasses the belief that the arts are an exciting and essential part of the learning process, and that artistic talent is innate and waiting to be developed in every person.
The studios’ primary objectives are:
to provide opportunities and support for local, regional and national artists whose work stimulates, challenges and educates;
to present diverse year-round programs which enrich the cultural vitality of the region by serving the needs and interests of a vast rural community and rapidly expanding suburban community;
to develop future artists and audiences by exposing young people to the arts process and the work of professional artists and arts educators;
to support artistic growth among cultural groups by providing an affordable facility that encourages studio work and performance.

Joy’s Creative Space

Artists creating their own interpretation of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra in Homeschool History through Art.

The Joy of Art specializes in planned art classes to help teach curriculum to homeschool students. Art can be integrated with History, Math, Science and
Global Studies. Call for more information. 910-528-7283



We strive to provide a warm, friendly and supportive environment for artistic expression, entertainment and self-discovery.

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We believe very strongly in the importance of responding to individual needs and making the entire experience of being at Joy of Art Studio, a source of enrichment and enjoyment.
We hope your experience with us is an excellent one, and we also hope that you make our Studio your home for the arts in Southern Pines.

“Creativity gives Wings to the Imagination.”